So... what is headboob, anatomically speaking?


It’s the muscles surrounding the jaws.  The shape of the head is determined by the shape of the skull.  

Here’s a boa:

Here’s a boa skull.  Note the structure of the jaws, particularly the back end where sit the the two joints that control the gape of the snake (snakes have five mobile and one immobile joint within their skulls).  See the boxy, rounded shape those two joints make?

Here are the two overlaid:

Now imagine the muscles needed to control those joints.  Depending on the species/size of the snake and the prey they feed on, they’ll need more or less muscle mass to operate their jaws.  

See those big fleshy white things in the corners of the mouth?  That’s all muscle that, when the mouth is closed, occupies the space in the skull that people like to squish.  

That, is headboob.  


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Battleaxe (Tabar) with Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Place of Origin: Northern India
  • Medium: steel, copper, brass.
  • Measurements: overall length: 56 cm; axe blade length: 13 cm; dagger blade length: 26 cm

The weapon features a crescent shaped head with a steel blade covered in brass and decorated with engraved arabesque motifs. In the counter blade it has an elephant surrounded by two tigers, in a perfect silhouette, made of forged brass.

The tubular handle is completely covered in brass, ornamented with a vegetal themed chisel work. It is finished by a lotus button which serves as a handle for a small dagger hidden inside it.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Caravana Collection

HELLO, there, bronze crescent axe!  Looks like we found your inspiration!


Tron Uprising concept art by Craig Mullins

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>Having any resemblance to the original story


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The Eclipse boa (Leopard Colombian Motley).  Produced for the first time last year by Kevin Blumenthal of Blumen Boas.

Is it just me or are his eyes bulging? Do we have to worry about poor breeding in boas now too, or are these within a typical range for a boa? I have admittedly little experience with young boas.

IIRC the first few that were produced didn’t survive but as you know we can’t just give up and have to keep trying to get that animal even if it seems like its not meant to live. It does seem to look at little off which isn’t surprising. Lets hope that its not something that bothers the animal to much given that even if it was something terrible and painful it would probably still get produce cause ‘its pretty!”

It looks like a super motley to me. Thinking about this morph reminds me that some people would breed anything that looks sellable, in spite of the obvious defects and the potential pain for the animal, it’s disgusting.

So.. none of you guys actually bothered to Google this morph or even visit the source or do any actual research on this, looks like.  I spoke with Kevin for a bit about his projects last year when I was looking into importing a het Blackberry (Central American motley het leopard) from Germany.  He builds his projects from the ground up and properly outcrosses.  This was the world’s first Colombian leopard motley produced and there have been zero problems with it.

So again, this is a motley leopard (aka Eclipse).  It is not a super motley.  There are other morph combos (motley x leopard, motley x  keltic) that produce all black boas.  

Super motleys lack muscular development in the skull and neck region and at least in the Colombian strain, develop fluid pockets on the spine.  The snake pictured in the photoset does not lack those muscles.  These pictures were also taken within the span of its very first shed, as a neonate.  Neonate boas’ eyes appear big and there is no sign of pop-eye present.  

The Colombian super motley (produced by a motley x motley breeding) is regarded as a lethal combination and when first produced most died within the first two years of life.  It’s been discovered that longer lifespans are possible with very slow growing.  The Central American strain of super motley has lived long enough to be able to breed and has done so successfully. They are extremely easy to identify with their skinny, misshapen heads and lack of muscle tone.  

Although few people intentionally produce super motleys these days, they do occur through parthenogenesis with some frequency.   

Informative and beautiful!

It is said that Maiden Astraea discovered the truth about God’s existence - or lack thereof - and thus explains why she accepted the Soul of a Demon in order to ease the troubled abandoned. Hers is ironically referred to as the most impure Soul. Yet still, Garl Vinland will never leave her side.

UGH.  I just googled their lore… GOOD gravy, you’re a real tool in Demon’s Soul’s, too.  Monstrous!